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Corner Bakery Karaikudi : Buy sweets and snacks online

Corner Bakery Karaikudi : Buy sweets and snacks online

Updated On:17-September-2016

Corner Bakery is one of the popular cakes, sweets, snacks and pastry shop in Karaikudi, Sivagangai DT, Tamil Nadu, India. They have delicious cakes, sweets, crispy snacks, pastries, puffs, dhil pasand, coconut bun, cookies, donnet, bread, rusk, macaroons and biscuits in their bakery shop.

With the popularity they have gained from the customers, they have opened its new branch recently on 21st Aug, 2016 in another area of Karaikudi [Near Pandiyanagar bus stop]. 

They have made their bakery to go online for the convenience of their customers and in order to reach more audience by creating online bakery and pastry store - Corner Bakery in the leading international e-commerce marketplace Ecbilla.

Now, you can buy your favorite bakery and pastry items online at reasonable price from Corner Bakery. Cake, sweets, black forest cake, photo cake, chocolate cake, chocolate sponge, pudding cake, fruit flavored pastries, white forest, puffs, dhil pasand, coconut bun, cookies, milk donnet, bread, chips, mixture, pakoda, chev, murukku, rusk, macaroons and biscuits are the bakery items available in the shop.

It enables you to filter the bakery products according to the category and price range. They make home delivery for their customers. Purchase your favorite bakery products online by anywhere and at anytime.