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Svasam Group presents Svasam Awards 2015

Svasam Group presents Svasam Awards 2015

Updated On:22-August-2015

Svasam Group has organized “Svasam Awards 2015 – The Real Honor” with the aim to appreciate and encourage dedicated persons in business, education, social service, devotional service and medicine. This event was held grandly with cultural events and distribution of awards on 19th August 2015 at L.CT.L Palaniappa Chettiar Memorial Auditorium, Karaikudi.

Svasam Awards 2015 is the first initiative made by Svasam Group to reward the persons who are dedicated to their profession and also to give recognition for the employees of Svasam Group for their performance.

Mr.P.Krishnan (Chairman), Dr.K.Karthikeyan (CEO) and Mr.K. Ganesh (CFO) of Svasam Group has planned to conduct this wonderful award function every year to motivate the dedicated people in various sectors. Their main motive is to create Online Digital Revolution by enabling all businesses from small scale to large scale online.

Honorable Chief Guest of Svasam Awards was Dr.V.A.Shiva Ayyadurai who is the Inventor of Email and Polymath, world-renowned systems scientist and entrepreneur. He gave an inspirational speech and shared his experiences regarding the history of invention of Email. He urged the gathering to educate the generation about the Indian inventors. is one of the web portals under the Online Digital Revolution which is an ecommerce platform that allows business persons who are eager to bring their business online to create online store and manage their business easily. Ecommerce is booming nowadays which enables the customers to shop from home at single click.


Comment by  jack   Updated on 26-08-2015
"Svasam awards really rocks with its real IT Mashup by the svasam folks and the excellent speech by the Indian pride, Dr.V.A.Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of E-mail and polymath."