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Panda 4.2 Complicates SEO for Ecommerce Sites

Panda 4.2 Complicates SEO for Ecommerce Sites

Updated On:17-August-2015

In order to fight web spam, specifically demoting sites in the rankings that contain duplicative or thin content, Google latest algorithm update Panda 4.2 has been introduced. In other words, Panda targets sites that contain the same content as other sites and sites whose pages contain low-value content.

Despite Google’s estimation that Panda 4.2 would affect about two to three percent of English language queries, a medium-level algorithm update for Google, affected sites may not feel traceable impact for months. This is the slowest moving algorithm from the past Panda updates.

This update is troubling for organic search marketers because it’s a reversal of Google’s recent statements on its rollout process. Despite its March 2015 statement that Panda algorithm updates respectively would shift to “continuous updates,” we now know that we’re still tied to irregular, periodic releases.

Google rolls out its algorithm updates have direct impact on ecommerce businesses. The result is that it will be difficult to trace the impact of Panda 4.2 to your site’s organic search performance. It would string that performance decrease over several months and also perhaps with different pages seeing a decrease in performance at different times.

In addition, the Panda algorithm impacts an entire site, as opposed to limiting the impact to individual pages on a site. But the changes in performance could hit different pages at different times over the months-long rollout period, which again makes it all the more difficult to trace the issue back to Panda 4.2.

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