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ODS-On Demand Solutions launched ecommerce software solution

ODS-On Demand Solutions launched ecommerce software solution

Updated On:12-March-2016

ODS- On Demand Solutions has already ecommerce software for B2B retailers, has now launched solution for B2C retailers with the Omni-Channel functionality. It focuses especially on small and medium-sized companies.

ODSNet has been developed to offer complete B2B ecommerce functionality to small and medium-sized enterprises. On Demand Solutions got a number of clients with both B2B and B2C sites who’ve asked for a solution for both. “Our experience from working on B2B projects is that exactly the same efficiency improvements can be applied to the B2C market”, says director David Bristow.

He explains that clients very often want to integrate both trade sales and consumer sales into their ecommerce strategy, and be able to coordinate both. “There is a world of standalone B2C websites, with very high administration and maintenance cost, which are at best only manually connected with the rest of the business. ODSNet Retail helps clients to integrate these seamlessly.”

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