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Updated On:07-November-2015

Google India announced that it would be shuttering its Great Online Shopping Festival- GOSF program. GOSF started in 2012 and had a three year run. GOSF sale had a nice response when it started out. It had an impressive statistics getting 80 lakh visits during the three day festival. Last year's GOSF saw participation from 400 partners, along with the launch of the Chromecast and Nexus 6. Notably, the festival managed to sell a fair number of homes, cars, and bikes. Regardless of its success, it's very pragmatic of Google India to bring it to a close, as people were already calling it lukewarm last year.

The E-Commerce landscape has changed significantly over the last year. Most of the large e-commerce firms have their own apps that they would rather promote.Most e-commerce firms also offer year-round sales, and tech brands have gone to town with the flash sale model, as brands like Xiaomi, Yu, One Plus are all putting up their inventory exclusively online.

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