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Bigcommerce partners with eBay

Bigcommerce partners with eBay

Updated On:09-April-2016

BigCommerce and eBay have launched a new strategic partnership which enables retailers to list using the BigCommerce ecommerce platform to list their products and manage their inventory on the eBay marketplace.

BigCommerce explained that due to the partnership their sellers can seamlessly upload their existing inventory from BigCommerce to eBay, making it easy for them to manage inventory across both channels in one simple tool.

Information such as product title and description, price and quantity will be synced immediately from BigCommerce to eBay and orders will be imported to the BigCommerce platform, so retailers can fulfill orders from both channels from one place.

eBay is also happy with the partnership. “We’re ecstatic to welcome BigCommerce merchants to our vibrant seller community”, says Hal Lawton, senior vice president of eBay North America. “

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