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Zooplus sales increased

Zooplus sales increased

Updated On:26-March-2016

Zooplus sales increased by 31% during 2015 and it reached a level of 711 million users. Zooplus was founded in Germany in in 1999. It is the leading online retailer of pet supplies in Europe. It has dedicated ecommerce websites in 30 European countries, selling over 8,000 different products such as pet food, scratching posts, dog baskets and toys.

The company generated double-digit growth at all of its 30 markets. Now over 4 million active customers and says the positive development was driven mainly by the increase in the sales retention rate, which reached a record level of 94 percent last year.

It also announced that it improved the cost efficiency and the ratio of total cost to total sales is now 28.5 percent, while last year the ratio was 29.6 percent. “This is a result of both efficiency gains and improved economies of scale”, the company explains.

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