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Snapdeal to add new features

Snapdeal to add new features

Updated On:30-January-2016

Snapdeal is adding new features after redesigning the website 10 days ago. . These include product selfies, enhanced order-tracking and a new 'my order' page.

"The product has been redesigned to improve the overall information architecture," said Anand Chandrasekaran, chief product officer. The 'product selfie' allows users to post a picture of themselves with the product. "We have had a phenomenal response to it so far as customers get to see actual people using the product," he said adding that it may influence more purchases.

This is among measures taken by SoftBank-backed company to enhance the consumer and seller experience over the last six-seven months. It has used technology extensively to improve efficiency. For instance, the company claims that delivery times have been brought down by 70-75% in the past year on account of investments in logistics company GoJavas. It has also introduced refunds based on the Immediate Payment Service.

"Though it's not a major part of sales yet, we are seeing people switching from English to regional languages where the option exists," he said.

In addition to this, there have been smaller launches like SnapLite, which enables users with slow network connections to access a lighter version of the website that launches in a quarter of the time. Snapsearch allows users to upload pictures and find similar products on the website.

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