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E-Commerce Tax Content for Subscribers

E-Commerce Tax Content for Subscribers

Updated On:10-March-2015

Thomson Reuters, a major multinational mass media announced that its product Checkpoint Catalyst has introduced e-commerce content focused on completely electronic transactions, with cloud computing and sales and use tax connection attention.
Checkpoint Catalyst, an amazing Checkpoint platform has been launched on last June. It is a new generation of tax research that gives whole details of difficult business tax topics with source, diagram, interactive tools, legal content, and showcased development all are comes under one roof.
In today's world, commerce via electronic and other forms of remote methods have more complex transactions. It usually project the uncomfortness of existing sales and use tax laws, which are based on the idea of a physical sale or use occurring in a state.
Checkpoint Catalyst examine the methods of complete electronic commerce transaction of each state, and takes a quick look at recent nexus developments that may affect these transactions.