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3SI in to service activities

3SI in to service activities

Updated On:30-March-2016

The 3SI Group, formerly known as 3 Suisses International, has decided to stop all of its retail activities in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. It has changed its business strategy drastically and its will now focus solely on service activities.

The 3SI Group announced that operational management for fashion stores Witt International and Helline will be handed over to their German parent companies, with whom the 3SI Group has designed joint ventures to develop these concepts in France.

3SI Group hopes to find “partners capable of creating the best possible conditions to ensure the longevity of the company” for Unigro (Belgium), 3Pagen (Germany and Austria), Cemod (Czech Republic) and Cogemag-Excédence (France). Online stores Becquet (also France) and Venca (Spain) are also up for sale at the moment.

According to the company, the current situation for 3Suisses in France and Belgium makes it not viable for the business and the brand to sell 3Suisses. “It’s therefore planned to create a new structure in France to fulfil the brand’s vision”, the company explains. “This new structure will be led by around forty employees, while there are 147 employees at this moment.” 3Suisses Belgium will be attached to this new structure with no effect on its operations or its location in Belgium, and this new structure will be put on the market.

3SI Group now wants to focus on its professional customer service activities, particularly around parcel delivery with Mondial Relay and order picking with Dispeo.

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