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Terms and Conditions of Ecbilla

Terms and Conditions of Ecbilla

Updated On:10-April-2015

Ecbilla is a flourishing global e-commerce portal that enables user to create their own e-store for showcasing and exhibiting their products to worldwide audience. The portal is designed with the motive to move your business from offline to online.

In order to create your online store you need to follow certain terms and conditions which are quite essential during the process. Users on the website must accept these terms before they access into the site. This includes the account terms and conditions, general condition acceptable uses, payment provisions, theme store, Intellectual property and customer content, copyrights, licenses and deals with many other divisions. This document is ideal for businesses that offer e-commerce service on a website.

So before creating your e-store in Ecbilla, you should read and accept all terms and conditions contained in this Terms of Service agreement and Ecbilla's Privacy.