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Mobile Shopping rises in UAE

Update On :02 November 2016

Mobile Shopping rises in UAE

A study carried out by UAE based eCommerce company AWOK revealed that 80% of the shoppers accessed the online shopping website using mobile phones, 18% through desktops and 2% via tablets. UAE ranks high on the world map of mobile penetration, which is reflected in the rise in the mobile shopping trend.

Despite the bullish trend in online and mobile shopping in the UAE, the study reveals that 75% of customers prefer to pay cash/card on delivery vs. the 25% that opt to pay online. A 2016 Gartner report says, About 80 percent of online shopping in Middle East is done using cash-on-delivery. This makes the transaction less efficient, takes a longer time to complete the delivery, and tends to have a higher return rate.

There is great opportunity for eCommerce businesses and payment providers to work closer to offer multiple payment options that consumers in the UAE can use safely and conveniently. We have seen an increase in the percentage of customers choosing to pay online, which indicates growing trust among consumers in this sector.

Given the increasing appetite for online and mobile shopping in the country, responsible digital retailers are committed to improving systems to offer seamless and more secure online shopping processes for customers, said Ulugbek Yuldashev, Owner and MD, AWOK.

The study also highlights that online shopping is immensely more popular among men than women in the UAE. 74% of the shoppers on the website are male and 26% are female, and the typical online customer is between 25 to 34 years old. The statistics that we have reflects the pulse of the country’s online retail sector. 

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