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India is Dell’s Third Market Place

Update On :28 October 2015

India is Dell’s Third Market Place

Dell went private last year with $2 billion as entity. Growing to 50% in the last year and India has turned the third largest market place for Dell. It said Privatization just gives us an enormous amount of freedom to execute in the way we believe is the right way and that is for me incredibly energizing.

For the same period last year, the company was the third largest player with only 11.8% market share. In the server business, we have grown at an even faster rate.

The company has been rapidly growing in most of the segments it is present in. As per market research firm IDC's latest India PC market report, Dell has inched closer to the top position in the third quarter of 2014 with 22% market share, trailing HP by 3.5% in terms of total number of units.

Dell India has completely revamped its go-to-market strategy in India post privatization—trying to offer integrated solutions to enterprises as it attempts to fill in a void created by IBM's exit from commoditised x86 server business.

We are in a very unique position because now we are the only company in the IT industry with truly end-to-end solutions, starting from tablets to cloud computing and everything in between.

With its new aggressive go-to-market strategy, Dell has expanded its presence from 15 top cities to 45 cities in the country. The company is also now using distributors to sell its PCs, notebooks and entry-level servers and storage. This has given the company access to additional 1,000 towns in India.

In the last 6-12 months, Dell has been moving up the value chain, targeting solutions like virtualization, cloud and mobility to large enterprises in India, said Naveen Mishra, research director at Gartner. They are trying to have more feet on the ground, which has helped them win some large deals. The model has expanded our IT solutions capability by the addition of new partners with different skills that we did not have.

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"This is really appreciable. It shows the development of our country's economical status."
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"Good to know that India is the 3rd market place for Dell. Dell has good reputation in India. The company has been rapidly growing in most of the segments it is present in."

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