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Google and Microsoft Collaborates

Update On :03 October 2015

Google and Microsoft Collaborates

Microsoft and Google decided to end up the bitterness and join hands for the benefit of their customer.

Microsoft and Motorola Mobility had legal affairs since 2010, with claims of unpaid royalties and unlawful contract on agreements thickening the air between the two. Google purchased Motorola Mobility and inherited the company's war roughly a year after the combat with Microsoft. The 20 cases now resolved fell primarily into the categories of mobile phones, video decoding and Wi-Fi.

As part of the agreement, Google and Microsoft will dismiss all pending patent suits between them, including cases pertaining to Motorola Mobility.

One of the areas Google and Microsoft intended to collaborate on video decoding that once was a point of contention. There's strong, scientifically verifiable evidence indicating Microsoft's move to join the rest of the tech world in open source and collaboration was propelled.

The peace treaty between Google and Microsoft may have benefited from time, and it might have been born of it as well. Time may have caused the company to forget the strains of litigation.

The idea that mega corporations beat the competition into submission through litigation is an antiquated ideology, and Microsoft has suffered through poor brand perception that has hobbled ventures from launch, said Alter Agents Brooks. If Microsoft wants to innovate and be seen as a leader again, they need to truly lead the competition and not try to kneecap them.

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"This collaboration helps to find new ideas and solutions regarding the products with advanced technology when two technical giants join hands."

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