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Bubble Wrap set to pop no more

Update On :08 July 2015

Bubble Wrap set to pop no more

Fans of Bubble Wrap are up in arms after its American manufacturer unveiled a new variety of inflatable packaging that doesn't pop under pressure.

North Carolina-based manufacturer Sealed Air, which has been producing Bubble Wrap for more than half a century, developed the new packaging material called iBubble Wrap to help save space.

While traditional Bubble Wrap features rows of individually filled plastic air pockets – resulting in a satisfying popping sensation when squeezed – its new counterpart will be less easy to deflate. It instead features columns of interlinked bubbles that allow air to be transferred to neighbouring pods when squashed, making it harder to burst.

The therapeutic sensation of popping the original Bubble Wrap has lead to its unorthodox use as a stress-relief tool, spawning a range of unofficial novelty products including calendars, clothing and iPhone cases.

News of the pop-less iBubble Wrap material prompted uproar among Bubble Wrap fans who took to social media to bemoan the discontinuation of their favourite packaging material. But Sealed Air has tweeted reassuring messages that it will continue to produce traditional Bubble Wrap alongside the new material.

Bubble Wrap was invented by accident in 1957 by Sealed Air founders and engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes who were attempting to create textured wallpaper by fusing together a pair of shower curtains. The product, which featured a waffled pattern of trapped air, didn't catch on and in 1960 was redeveloped as a packaging material.

The company's official facebook page it states, E-commerce has changed the way packages are shipped, and the new addition to our Bubble Wrap family is one of our many solutions for e-commerce packaging. The company set up the annual Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, held on 26 January, to acknowledge the material's popularity and growing array of alternative uses.

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