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The Biggest Supermarket yet to come online

Update On :30 September 2015

The Biggest Supermarket yet to come online

Aldi is a leading global supermarket owned by one of the world billionaire’s declared this morning in a press release that they will start online store in 2016 with their non-food products and first supermarket to start ecommerce business.

According to Internet Retailing, deliveries will be made to the customer’s home or can be collected from third-party locations. No word about picking up online orders at Aldi stores, though.

The company announced record sales of 9.38 billion Euros in the UK and Ireland in its last financial year, which is an increase of 31% compared to the previous year. But while sales rose drastically, operating profits fell from 369.39 million Euros in 2013 to 354.28 million Euros last year. According to the discount supermarket this is due to investment in personnel and in cutting prices.

Our launch online is another exciting chapter in our story, Aldi’s UK and Ireland chief executive Matthew Barnes told FT. This will enable us to introduce the Aldi brand and some of our best-selling, best-quality and best-value products to thousands more customers across the United Kingdom.

A half year ago we wrote about Aldi and their plans to launch an online store in the UK. But back then it was just rumors, now we know it for sure. Aldi currently has 598 stores in the United Kingdom, but plans to launch a further 65 new outlets later this year.

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Madhu ranjani
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"It is more Easier for people to buy,these approches seems to make digital India."
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"Online store for supermarket is a good plan because people can buy things with ease and it will be delivered home. Time and Effort taken to buy is reduced."

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