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Shopmatic launches Consumer centric business services in India

Update On :13 April 2016

Shopmatic launches Consumer centric business services in India

Shopmatic, an international e-commerce platform that offers an entire ecosystem to businesses and individuals to sell their products online, has announced the expansion of its role as a Business Service provider. The newly launched feature will provide customized solutions to service entrepreneurs, assisting them in promoting and selling their services to a wider customer base.

The latest element has the potential to make Shopmatic a pioneer in this industry, since e-commerce companies don't necessarily provide classified services that can be monetized online. With the foray into business services, Shopmatic will not only cement its market position as the only online platform for customers'entire gamut of needs; it will also empower the unemployed in selling their services without any excess hassles.

The company will initially launch seven exclusive services. These include, Beauty, Wedding and Events, Health Services, Real Estate and Other generic services.

Each of the new services launched by Shopmatic will be enabled with their own exclusive website templates. 30 other such templates will be launched the following week. These services will also be instrumental in helping individual 'Homepreneurs' (entrepreneurs who work from home), in becoming more efficient and gaining professional exposure in the industry. All business services will be made available at a standard price of 20 dollars per month, and will be exclusive in India, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Singapore-based Shopmatic's vision initially involved providing a virtual platform to small businesses and entrepreneurs to sell their goods online. It assists them by managing the entire ecosystem for them- right from helping them develop their own unique web-store, listing them on marketplaces and social channels to aiding them with insights on how to sell online. Now, with its latest business model, Shopmatic is introducing a service range across various industry verticals with the main motive of enabling small businesses to reach out to a larger audience and gain brand recognition.

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