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Product Hunt launches Online Store

Update On :24 May 2016

Product Hunt launches Online Store

Product Hunt, Surfaces the new products every day...It announced the opening of their new ecommerce shop, allowing makers to sell their products directly through the site. According to the announcement, makers will be able to add their products to the new shop with just a single click. The new offering comes as a result of a partnership with GE and their commitment to supporting communities that champion inventors building solutions to the world’s problems.

At today’s Product Hunt Shop launch, five products have been made available from both small and larger makers. The lineup includes Eero, Electric Objects, Oristand, Blockhead, and Octobrellas from Blunt and GE.

According to Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover, their platform has created a snowball effect of traffic, sales, and general awareness of brands of all sizes.

Hoover went on to Tweet and share to Product Hunt that this comes as a result of 50 percent or more of the community having purchased a product they’ve seen on the site. The partnership with GE to create the new store is designed to make it easier to buy the featured products.

At launch, products are only able to be shipped and sold in the US, but Hoover addressed the concern and stated they are eager to make it available in more places soon.

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