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Paytm launches "SEED" project

Update On :30 September 2015

Paytm launches

Paytm has launched an exciting new project called ‘SEED’ which is an acronym for speedy, efficient, effective, delivery. Every pick-up will now be completed by Paytm’s SEED partner ‘Trust on’. This will not include volumetric shipments. The Trust on field representative will collect the shipment along with manifest copy between the hours of 11am and 2.30pm.
Keep these points in mind when processing your orders:
Adhere to the packaging guidelines to make the process smoother.
Use transparent tape over the packing slip so that it is visible for scanning.
Sign the pickup sheet available with field executive.
It’s better if you follow these and keep your shipment ready for pickup along with manifest copy before collection time. The field executive will automatically move on if he has to wait for more than ten minutes.

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