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Flipkart Launches In-App Chat Service Ping

Update On :26 August 2015

Flipkart Launches In-App Chat Service Ping

E-commerce major Flipkart on Tuesday has launched an, in-app chat service called Ping through which consumers can share product images and chat with each other even while shopping.

Users can share images, wishlists, carts and chat with their phone book contacts with Flipkart Ping. The feature is invite only and will make the app size go up by about 2 MB.

Punit Soni, chief product officer, Flipkart said, shopping in real life terms is a fun experience. But online shopping till now was an isolating experience which we are trying to change with this new chat feature.

The new chat service will allow buyers to share their buys or product wishes with their phonebook contacts and create groups just like in Whatsapp.

Last month, Snapdeal also launched a new app called Shopo which allows buyers and sellers to interact with each other via an inbuilt chat app.

Since 2007, we have seen a fundamental shift in the way users use internet. About 41 per cent of India's ecommerce happens on mobile. There are more people buying low cost android devices and when they buy that - messaging and buying are the prime things they do, Soni added.

Soni said Ping will change the way Flipkart operates on mobile today. Flipkart has 50 million users and about 70 per cent of them shop through its mobile app.

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