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Ashley to launch Ecommerce Platform

Update On :31 May 2016

Ashley to launch Ecommerce Platform

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc is the largest United States Home Furnishings maker and retailer...This company expected to launch its e-commerce platform for its Asian market within the next three months. It will develop a smartphone application and a website to cater to Ashley’s customer base in the Asian region.

“We are seeing strong growth in Asia, and it remains as a key part of our strategy moving forward.“Asia operations are extremely important for us, in terms of growth and consumer base.

“E-commerce is a key driver around the globe, and is vital for both retailers and consumers.“We want to ensure that we cater to every step of our customers’ path of purchase, be it mobile app, website or walk-ins to our home stores,” said Ashley international sales and operations president Chuck Spang (pic).

The company has three manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, one in China, and an additional 100 across Asia contracted to do Ashley’s work. Ashley’s Asia operations have been growing rapidly, and is expected to grow further. The US-based group is targeting to have a total of 70 stores in Asia by the end of this year.

Founded in 1945, the number one furniture retailer in the US has been recording sustained sales growth, with a total of US$4bil in revenue for its fiscal year ended December 31, 2014.

The group, which employs about 25,000 employees around the globe is also a firm believer in technology, investing millions each year on technology alone. “Technology would obviously be one of the big drivers we see for the future.“Technology encompasses e-commerce as well as technology used in our factories, operations, and within the stores throughout the world.

“The development of technology will cause big, positive impacts throughout the whole supply chain,” said Spang.
In addition, Ashley has its in-house design and engineering team that travel around the world to understand upcoming trends as well as emerging materials and technologies.

Designers and engineers work closely with one another to ensure that the products are properly executed.
This enables Ashley to offer various designs through the broad selection and styles available to suit different tastes.

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