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Amazon launches Fire Tablet

Update On :19 September 2015

Amazon launches Fire Tablet

Amazon introduced on Thursday a $49.99 tablet, a price tag analysts said was low enough to set it apart in a crowded market and draw more customers to its online services.

The new Fire tablet, one of several new and upgraded devices launched by Amazon, comes with a 7-inch (17 cm) wide screen and a front and back camera. It will start shipping on September 30. "There's one part of the tablet (market) that's growing right now and that's sub $100 tablets," said Dave Limp, senior vice president of Amazon devices, adding that the company's $99 Fire HD was its best selling tablet last year.

Analysts said there are few comparable tablets that cost as little as the new Fire. The device comes with a quad core processor and 12 gigabyte storage.

"The lesson we learned from consumer electronics is that when the market matures consumers go cheaper. If you're Amazon and you know this is going to happen you might as well join in," said James McQuivey, principal analyst at Forrester.He called the $50 tablet a "gateway drug" for Amazon to attract new customers to Prime, a $99-a year shopping programme estimated to have around 40 million global members. The potential to draw more customers may appease investors but could prove costly if Amazon fails to sell large volumes, analysts said.

Amazon took a $170 million write down in the third quarter last year after it struggled to sell its inventory of $200 Fires smartphones. Amazon has said it does not plan to profit from devices but to drive more customers to services through the gadgets. Amazon on Thursday also rolled out a line of new, 8-inch and10-inch Fire HD tablets and revamped Fire TV gadgets.

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chandru sharma
"This is very superb with nice specification and also user friendly device,so may it is growing fast in the market"
Tara Anne
"Great news...I am eagerly awaiting for the new arrival of panasonic mobiles again"
0 1 2 3
"Nice device with great feature..."

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