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Secure Email app without password: yahoo

Update On :17 October 2015

Secure Email app without password: yahoo

Yahoo has developed a new app for accessing yahoo mail through mobile. Sign-in method is more secured by an update of using account key instead of traditional password. Account Key uses push notifications to provide a faster way to sign into email using your mobile device.

Once a user has linked the Yahoo account with the Smartphone app, they will receive a push notification upon trying to sign in on the web. The user just has to verify or deny the access on the phone.

Passwords are usually simple to hack and easy to forget. Account Key streamlines the sign-in process with a secure, elegant and easy-to-use interface that makes access as easy as tapping a button. It's also more protective than a traditional password because once you activate Account Key - even if someone gets access to your account info - they can't sign in.

The app has been fully redesigned, Yahoo said, to make it "fast and responsive". Yahoo introduced the changes as it turned 18 this month. The new Yahoo Mail app is available in the Apple App Store as well as Google Play to all global users now.

The updated app also will make it possible to connect Yahoo email with competing services from, Hotmail and AOL. The company hopes to make the app work with Gmail eventually.

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"Good development but people are much comfortable and feel secured with password system so it would take some more time for them to adopted to this method. "
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"Passwords can be easily tracked by third party thanks to Yahoo. Mail app with account key gives high security benefits to the account members who sign-in using mobile devices."

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