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GoodBox – App to connect SMBs and Consumers

Update On :10 October 2015

GoodBox – App to connect SMBs and Consumers

Goodbox is a Whatsapp-like interface that small- and medium-sized businesses and consumers can use to interact with each other. Today, over 1,100 businesses, many of them mom-and-pop-stores, have signed up with the app that is barely a year old.

Goodbox, strangely, had its genesis in the provision of Wi-Fi connectivity inside buses. Abey Zachariah, who was earlier part of the core team at bus-ticketing platform redBus, says the addition of Wi-Fi led to the generation of leads from websites associated with travel as passengers began making hotel and other bookings while on the bus.

The team then felt that a chat platform could solve this issue by providing a direct link between the buyer and seller. Thus began the pivot to Goodbox. The simple chat interface kept the learning curve low for consumers and it quickly endeared itself to them.

Merchants too liked it because an independent app presence wasn't something that all of them could afford. "Small retail businesses lack the technology and ability to cater to their consumers through mobile apps. We are probably 1100th the cost and time of what businesses would take to get their app made," says Zachariah, who is also CEO of Goodbox.

Goodbox commenced operations in Bengaluru in late 2014, and recently branched out to Pune. It has partner ships with logistics providers for those merchants who don't have their own delivery network. The company intends to roll-out operations in other metros by the year-end.

Localization of solutions was one of the factors that egged the team on, Mayank says. "One needs to understand the problems of the market that we are addressing, and adapt them accordingly. We cannot ape a solution, just because it was successful elsewhere," he says.

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"Great app, now we can give our requirements directly to the concern business and get product as per our specification."

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