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Amazon Introduced App building for IoT

Update On :10 October 2015

Amazon Introduced App building for IoT

Amazon the ecommerce industry has paved a platform to build apps in order to develop Internet of Things to connect devices in the cloud medium. This service is popularly named as Amazon Web Services IoT and it connects factory floors, Vehicles, healthcare systems and other to connect through cloud medium.

The beta version of the service is available from Thursday, Amazon's Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels said at a company event in Las Vegas. The connection to the cloud will be fast and lightweight, making it a good fit for devices that have limited memory, processing power, or battery life, Amazon said.

The global market for "Internet of Things” is the concept of connecting everyday devices to the Internet, will nearly triple to $1.7 trillion by 2020, research firm International Data Corp has estimated. Amazon has bought IoT middleware solutions, 2lemetry a startup company this year.

Meanwhile, Google, Intel and telecom majors are competing in this trending technology, IoT in order to gain high percent of revenue in the future. Microsoft is already in the line of competition with IoT Suite.

The prices will be determined on the number of messages, defined by Amazon as a 512-byte block of data, exchanged between devices and AWS IoT. This app will charge only for what the customers use. Amazon said it would offer customers 250,000 free messages per month, for 12 months. Prices start at $5 for every million messages, the company said.

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