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Caspers Big Plans For Sleep-Related eCommerce

Update On :21 April 2016

Caspers Big Plans For Sleep-Related eCommerce

A startup called Casper, which started out selling only one style of mattress online, is in the process of expanding its offerings with the goal of becoming a one-stop eCommerce shop for bedding-related items and accessories.

Casper Cofounder Philip Krim expressed to the outlet that customer service is a central tenet of his companys efforts to follow the Amazon model. As Fortune shares, that focus has its roots in Caspers offering of a 100-day trial period to buyers of its mattress.

One of our big beliefs is that laying on a bed for 15, 30 seconds in a store was not the right way to know if a mattress was good for you,Krim recently stated on Fortune Live.The only way to know was to sleep on it your body could readjust to what proper support and spinal alignment.

In November, the outlet notes, Casper made its first official foray into non-(specifically)-mattress goods by rolling out a line of high-tech sheets and pillows. Krim indicated to Fortune that consumers can expect plenty more where that came from.

œIf touches sleep, whether its tracking sleep or whatever it may be,the Casper cofounder told the outlet its something we are interested in, working on and potentially developing products around.

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