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What are the e-commerce mistakes that irritates online shoppers?

Update On :28-September-2016

What are the e-commerce mistakes that irritates online shoppers?

Online shopping has become popular nowadays as people even in remote areas have started to shop online for their desired things. Many e-commerce websites have been launched in the recent days with the growth in the sector. In this situation, it is essential for e-commerce players to avoid mistakes that irritates the online shoppers. As this will help you to increase the number of visitors and thereby increase conversion rates.

Here I would like to point of some of those e-commerce mistakes:-

* Not adding logo (The first impression of viewers).

* Failing to exhibit the unique features and clear value proposition which is the source that creates awareness about the reasons for shopping in your website.

* Making site navigation complicated which will annoy the shoppers.

* Either failing to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or doing it improperly.

* Not giving proper information in the about us and contact us pages.

* Forcing the customers to register even for making a single product purchase. Instead, you can allow the shoppers to shop as a guest initially.

* Including out of stock products with the focus to showcase all the products. In such cases, you can provide option for them to add the product to their wish list by getting their contact details for informing them when the product is available in future.

* Providing poor or improper description for the products.

* Displaying poor quality or wrong images of products.

* Giving a blank page on the users products search results rather you can suggest relevant substitutes for the products they search for. 

* Making pop ups to hang out in websites unnecessarily.

* Not providing social proof like reviews for the website and products in it. 

* Making checkout process complicated, confusing and irritating to the customers.

* Surprising the customers with hidden charges like shipping charges at the check out page. It is essential to display such information earlier itself.

* Failing to authenticate payment system in your e-commerce website.

* Not having a mobile friendly website in the mobile prone world.

E-commerce websites have to avoid these e-commerce websites in order to make customer’s shopping experience delightful and for avoiding cart abandonment.

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