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Tips to find the best ethnic wear online

Update On :28-September-2016

Tips to find the best ethnic wear online

Most of us love the fact that a majority of brands and designers that we love are now just a click away. This makes shopping for practically everything super simple and eradicates all the negatives of having to physically roam the market. The latest in fashion is available at the scroll of the bar. Having the freedom to browse through every range of clothing, in every kind of budget is a truly scintillating experience of an online shopping enthusiast.

While, shopping online has its many pros, one always has to tread strange waters carefully. We Indian women are extremely familiar with ethnic wear and shopping for the same is one of the most fun experiences ever. We all would love to stock our wardrobes with the latest sarees, salwars, skirts and a host of other desi clothes every season. It is easy to get lost in the sea of choices that online shopping offers us. However, here are a few thumb rules that you need to apply before you take the plunge.

Rule 1: Know your measurements:

It is fundamentally essential to know your vitals very well. Do not buy clothing according to the label tag. Always, ALWAYS check for the size charge and make some quick calculations and conversions if necessary. It is a huge disappointment to return a pretty piece just because it doesn’t fit you and keep waiting for the next one. Invest in good lingerie as it is essential not just for ethnic wear. These help maintain a good body shape and keep in line with standard measurements that most reputed sites and companies like Craftsvilla follows.

Rule 2: Know your budget:

There are a bunch of products available over a wide range over the net. Decide on your budget and try not to exceed it. Sites like Craftsvilla offer a variety of choices to suit every wallet and intent. If you like something out of your budget, assess your needs, reuse value of the attire and then buy it.

Rule 3: Check the item details:

The item detail is the biodata of the clothing. It gives us vital information about the make, material and maintenance of the clothing. This will give us the correct idea if we are allergic to some material, if we can maintain it at home or requires professional care and more.

Rule 4: Review customer reviews

One of the smartest ways to shop is check for customer reviews. It is always wise to learn from other’s mistakes! While a suit or skirt may look amazing on the model in the picture there may be a discrepancy in fit or look in reality. Reading customer reviews before buying will prevent such mishaps and you can continue to proceed on a smooth shopping expedition.

Rule 5: Fabrics to pick and avoid:

While Indian clothing is extremely versatile, there are a few fabrics that one should completely avoid. These have either gone completely out of vogue or are just plain simple uncomfortable. Nylon, Satin and any sort of polyester should be avoided as they stick at the wrong places and are just too hot. For sarees pick in silks, chiffons, georgettes and cotton. Cotton wear with indigenous prints like block prints, kalamkari, chinkari not just look great but are extremely gorgeous too.

Rule 6: Return policy

Opt for sites like Craftsvilla that have an easy return policy. Since online shopping has the minor drawback of not having a physical try on, many a times you might have to opt for a change or exchange. Hence, sites which clearly mention a return policy are a Yes, Yes!

Rule 7: Check for buyer protection:

Be sure that you have 100% buyer’s protection. This means that the e-commerce site, will intervene in disputes between buyers and sellers and make things right when they have gone wrong for buyers and the seller has failed to act adequately to resolve the dispute. Craftsvilla provides this important feature and is therefore the most preferred destination for ethnic wear.

Rule 8: Buy according to your needs:

Decide on the occasion that you want to buy something for. If it is for something casual, opt for light fabrics like cotton and light silks. Occasion’s and festivities demand heavier embroidery and work along with richer fabric like raw silk, georgette, chiffon and more. Bright color blocking is the flavor of the season and can be applied to both happenings comfortably.

Rule 9: Be fashion smart:

While something may look exquisite on models, it might not exactly suit your body type. Do not jump into buying some new trend just because it has hit the runway. For example, while crop top blouses and lehengas work well for petite people, it doesn’t do much for girls heavier on the bust. People of shorter stature should opt for straight fits and cuts which elongate their body instead of too many frills, flares and pleats which add more to their dimensions horizontally than vertically. At Craftsvilla, find clothing that fits you, which keeping you fashionably real. is the ideal one-stop shop for all latest ethnic clothing. It caters to much of the above and more to provide you with unbeatable deals.

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