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The Intent of Social media in Ecommerce

Update On :13-July-2016

The Intent of Social media in Ecommerce

The business trends are getting a huge attention and social media is driving its sales rapidly. The Integration of social media in Ecommerce will definitely benefit in the online marketing. 

The social media impacts not only impacts on their sales but also the valuable feedbacks and reviews from the customers. It is a definite marketing tool that helps in real time online sales. 

The sales phase:-

The sales phase on social media is categorized into “Assist” and “Last Interaction”. As the name suggests, the assist phase comprises of assisting channels that create awareness, consideration and intent in the minds of customers earlier in the purchase process. The last interaction stage is where the customers make decisions on the purchase based on the inputs they had previously received from social media.

Social media platforms play an important role in the assist phase wherein they help in increasing the awareness of the products and services in an ecommerce website. In fact the role of social media platforms is not just restricted to advertising the products but also to build up a bridge between the customers and the companies by engaging in one-to-one customer interactions. Even though the social media would not be considered to directly impact on the sales of an ecommerce company, it provides an opportunity for the company to build its brand image thus leading to huge sale of products and services in the future. 

To be more precise, it will be helping you out with interacting with the customers easily and enables a simplified user behavior analytics. 

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