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Successful Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Update On :30-July-2016

Successful Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Ecommerce companies are going to remain at their peak for many years to come. More than half of the world’s population are looking for services over the Internet through different gadgets like mobiles, tablets and other devices. Subsequently, businesses want to leverage the power of ecommerce to reach clients around the world. But all efforts would be in vain if there are no proper channels available to expose the true potential of your ecommerce website. Here, we list out and explain in brief the best 6 proven marketing strategies for an ecommerce business to generate sales and acquire steady traffic.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to make a big impact on revenues. Capture the interest of your audience and make them your own business promoters and brand advocates.

The key is to first determine the platforms to promote your products. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are today’s most trusted mediums for social media marketing. Your posts should be in sync with content marketing strategies and appeal to the audience and not only aim for just promoting your products. Posts involving conversations, “Linking” and “Sharing” content and commenting on trending topics establishes an instant connect with the audience.

PPC/Google AdWords

PPC or paid marketing are audience-targeted ads typically placed on top on SERPs. One good thing about them is that you need to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. However, they are not always the first choice for a business. If you have adequate funds to invest in PPC ads, only then it is a feasible way to generate sales and increase ROIs.

Content Marketing

Content strategy is very essential. Understanding the requirements of customers and creating blogs, videos, articles, infographics, or any other form of ‘content’ is essential for driving traffic and retaining them. Lists, how-to’s/informative, topic relevant, amusing content types are things which people prefer more than long text based information. In addition, plan your posts and link them to your ecommerce website pages to make the reader more engrossed to know your products and services.

Press Release

PR is a remarkable way of informing the audience of your latest business events and happenings. Make a list of publications that interests your targets and comprise a list of contact details including a name and phone number. A perfect and concise story relevant to your target market on these publications will give a clear image of your product and services and people can call or inquire for more information easily.

Email Marketing

Termed as one of the most powerful tools for brand promotions — Mailing list enables you to reach a wide audience and lets them know of your latest offerings. A pop-up box or a sign-up form can be used to capture the email addresses of prospects in exchange for interesting offers. Plan out marketing campaigns and send out emails for promoting new products, for offering discounts or send relevant articles to your niche to promote your brand.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a ready-made network of marketers who market your products in exchange for a percentage of sales you acquire as a result of their marketing efforts. You need to provide a URL which the affiliate uses to promote your product to other affiliates in the network. If customers click on that URL, the affiliate tracking software attributes the sale to the concerned affiliate who promoted the URL.

Practising these will make you ready to give a boost to your online revenues and enable your ecommerce business to experience a steady growth.

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