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How to influence sellers in E-Commerce

Update On :28-April-2016

How to influence sellers in E-Commerce

As we all know, Ecommerce is all about online shopping which mainly consist of buyers and sellers. There are various articles and blogs dropped down at Ecbilla and recently we have seen “How to influence buyers in E-Commerce?”

Now, Let us see an article on “How to influence sellers in E-Commerce?”

Have a clear Idea:-

Have a clear Idea on what you want to buy. When posting your buying requirement, write a clear description on a product that you want to buy. For Ex:- If you want to buy a pen, Mention whether you want to buy a Ink pen or led pen or pilot pen . Mention the colour that you want. It is advisable to fix an approximate price range of a product.

Buyer-Seller Relationships:-

If you find a seller, try to build a new relationships and this will be very useful in further business move. When you go for a wholesale business, it will be very useful. Apart from being official, build a rapo with a seller so that you could get some benefits personally and officially. Try to increase your contacts and get some good references from your existing sellers.

Social Media:-

If you are not done in a finding a good seller, hit the social media. This will give you a magical solution where you could get your seller easily and effectively. When you are posting a product need in social media, follow the previous steps and some funky tricks that could attract them.

Compare the market price of the product with other sellers and go for best and genuine offers and discounts.  It is advisable to go with the trending products of the market and it will help you to get the sellers immediately.

Once you find a satisfied seller, encourage him/her with a valuable feedbacks and review. It will definitely help you to get more sellers.

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