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How to gain trust of your customers?

Update On :02-May-2016

How to gain trust of your customers?

The way that the ecommerce websites influence the trust of the customers is considered important in online shopping. Gaining trust of the online shoppers is not that easy as it is in the case of physical store. This is because the customers will not be able to see or touch products directly. Lack of trust will result in cancellation of online purchases/ abandonment of shopping cart.

Understanding the way the shoppers make their buying decision is the main thing to be noted by ecommerce brands to gain their trust. It is essential to ensure the safety and security for their sensible data, make sure that they will get what they order, offer them immediate customer service when needed and display trust indicators in your ecommerce website in order to earn the trust of online shoppers and increase conversion rate.

Keeping up the trust of your customers all through their purchase journey will enable them be a loyal customer. You might have heard a saying "the first impression is the best impression" so it is important to impress your customers when they visit your ecommerce website. For this you have to make the website designs user friendly responsive, professional and striking, enable easy navigation, make check out process easy and add trust badges.

After that the customers tend to assess the trust that they have gained from your ecommerce website. As online shoppers consider consumer opinions rather than brand advertising, it has become important to include the same in ecommerce sites. Adding customer reviews in your ecommerce site & also in other social sites and including user generated photos and videos in the product reviews will enable the customers to trust the products and the site.

Next comes the assessment of risk involved in the online shopping from the ecommerce website. It is important to ensure the customers that their sensible information are secured. The payment gateway that you have must be a well-known and trusted one. E-commerce websites have to enable proper customer engagement from the beginning till the end of customer's purchase journey.

The journey of the customers doesn't end when they have purchased the product from you but it continues till they get their products in their hand. The experience that they have gained from you will enable them to refer your ecommerce website to others. Make your ecommerce website trustworthy to gain more customers, increase sales conversions and get more returning customers.

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