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How to drive traffic to Ecommerce site with Social Media?

Update On :12-October-2016

How to drive traffic to Ecommerce site with Social Media?

If you haven’t implemented a strategy to drive traffic to your eCommerce site with social media, please think about it asap. People use social media for a variety of reasons. One of them is to help make a decision on purchases. Has the product been endorsed by friends, shared and liked? Is there positive feedback about a brand, maybe even a fan group? Competition is fierce and trusting that your offer is good enough to attract visitors isn’t going to fatten your bottom line.


Choose Wisely
Select the social media channels where your audience likes to hang out most. Depending on your product or service and who is buying it, you will favor Pinterest over LinkedIn, twitter and snapchat for bite-size content, etc. Do your homework and start mapping out your posts (frequency, schedule, variety).

Post relevant content
Your goal is not to sell your brand. Your goal is to engage the users and trigger the need to buy. Gone are the days of believing what’s written on the box or what the sales rep says. People want to understand how your eCommerce site relates to their life or answers a need.

Generate shareable content
If you pay attention to what happens on social channels, you will notice how much people like to feel good, laugh and support a good cause. Posts that are funny, cute or emotional get a lot of attention and shares that increase visibility.

Optimize social content
Yes, you know a lot about SEO already. But do you use it to your advantage in its SMO form? Social Media Optimization is crucial to increase your visibility and widen your reach. Research keywords and use them wisely, include hashtags so your posts are in the right place and found by the right people.

Use high-quality visuals
This is particularly essential when you post pictures of your products. Blurry or oddly sized visuals will not drive traffic to your eCommerce. Each social media platform has its own set of requirements, so make sure you comply.

Make your social presence a dynamic one
Don’t just post and count the “likes”. Engage the audience, encourage your followers to comment, ask questions, share their experience. Start a conversation. This is a smart way to learn what your target’s expectations are directly from the source.

Start a social paid advertising campaign
Social paid advertising is a no-brainer. To drive traffic to your eCommerce, grab attention with Pay-Per-Click ads via “sponsored posts”, “suggested posts” and the likes. Yes, it means you have to pay when you would prefer organic traffic. But it allows you to precisely target personas based on interests and demographics, so your chances of conversion are higher due to qualified traffic.

You may think “I want to drive traffic, so what good can a social strategy do on my site? I need visitors first”. Read the introduction again. Then check statistics. Social Media Today posted an infographic stating that 53% of buyers say Facebook informs their purchase decision. In essence, buyers start their shopping by visiting shops, then make a choice by browsing the social networks. You would be wise to include on-site tactics to your social media management strategy.

Allow to share products
Your eCommerce displays great products and great product pages. Why not add the “share” element so your visitors have an easy way to say “Hey, check this out!”. Give your advocates the tools to promote your brand on social media.

Include social media icon links on your site
It may sound counterintuitive to drive traffic to your site with social media by using a technique that takes visitors from the site to the social pages. Yet, it makes perfect sense if you want to get return traffic. Imagine a user finds your online stores and lands on a page. Interested, they may want to check what you are about outside of your comfort zone, on Facebook or Instagram for example. A simple click should take them there, not having to type your name in a search bar with the risk of not finding you.

Start a blog
Beyond the fact that you have interesting things to say, you can boost your articles on the social platforms you have selected. Additionally, by enabling your visitors to act/react to your content, you are multiplying the opportunities to be seen.

The way people buy has changed and businesses need to factor in the importance of digital social behavior. Use social media to drive traffic to your eCommerce and keep your eyes on analytics to constantly improve and refine your offer and your content. Consumers are the most powerful promoters of your brand. Go where they are rather than wait for them to find you.

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