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How important is Google analytics for e-commerce business?

Update On :23-July-2016

How important is Google analytics for e-commerce business?

Do you think Google analytics is important for your e-commerce business?

Yes of course it plays a vital role. In simple terms, it gives the information of your e-commerce website or online store, visitors & through which means they come from and track the activities, visitors and customers. E-commerce players/ store owners must know about Google analytics so that they can know what e-commerce strategies works, what doesn’t work and then take decision accordingly to increase sales conversions.

What is Google analytics?

Google analytics is a web based platform that tracks the website traffic and reports on the four areas namely audience, acquisition, behavior & conversions.

In general, these four areas are important for business as it will be useful in difference purposes. To be brief, you can get the reports of your website’s visitors, know where and how they reach your website, be aware about the activities of those visitors and finally it lets you to know whether they have been converted into sales lead or not.

Google Analytics for e-commerce business:-

When it comes to e-commerce business the areas focused by the Google Analytics reports are content, social, traffic sources, conversions and technology. 

In an e-commerce website, the contents reports enable you to identify the pages mostly visited, that has high bounce rate, through which more traffic comes from, that has major entrance points and which needs more promotion. You can also assess the page value and identify the problems in navigation & site search options.

Social reports are regarding the promotion of products you had done in social media networks. It includes network referrals, landing pages through the links you have shared, conversions and plugins.

The traffic sources reports help you to customize the means of traffic and know the organic performance based on keywords & landing pages. 

Conversions report helps in knowing the profitable traffic source, the time period taken for a visitor to become a sales lead, the active goals/products, the browser that brings more conversion rate and browser compatibility.

These reports will enable the e-commerce websites to bring better results.

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