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Essential opt-in forms for e-commerce websites

Update On :07-September-2016

Essential opt-in forms for e-commerce websites

Many e-commerce sites have been emerged with the increase in the number of online shoppers but still they face lot of challenges before making their first sale and for bringing in the customer for the next purchase. E-commerce websites make use of opt-in forms to drive customers into their site for making their purchase mainly the first one.

You may have a question what does opt-in mean?

When a customer gives permission for the marketer to send mails or messages regarding products or any other information related to business.

Business people make use of e-mail marketing for increasing customers engagement. E-commerce players are expected to consistently engage their audience beyond their website. And there comes the need for opt-in forms.

Here is the list of opt-in forms that every e-commerce websites should possess:-

Make opt-in default:-

End of opt-in funnel is an offer to the customers for subscribing your newsletter or receive updates. It is better to make opt-in default in account creation or check out process. This will enable to reach the customers who have abandoned cart with cart abandonment emails.

Add opt-in in exit:-

Exit intent pop-up is opt-in form that appears when the user try to close a tab/window or exit from the website. Ensure that these pop-ups target the right audience with the right message and doesn’t annoy the users.

Have opt-in in Landing page/Homepage:-

Home page and landing pages are the main places where the customers land probably. It is good to have opt-in in the form of content. Make it clearly visible to the customers. If interested they will enter their information and subscribe.

Include push notifications opt-in:-

Push notifications opt-in is used for requesting the customers to send them push notifications. This will enable you to send notifications to the customers which will redirect them to the page you want them to visit if they click the same.

Opt-in forms help in driving customers to your e-commerce website and enable them to purchase products from you. Include opt-in forms in your e-commerce website and see the difference.

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