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Ecommerce Marketing Checklist 2017

Update On :16-February-2017

Ecommerce Marketing Checklist 2017

E-commerce marketing has a vital role to play in the recent trends with the increase in number of E-commerce players. Focusing on a measurable strategy for e-commerce marketing will help you succeed in 2017. 

Here’s the E-commerce marketing checklist 2017 for making your marketing plan:-

* Measure every marketing tactic

It is important to measure every marketing tactic, the way you market and try to analyze how those tactics similar to it has performed. Every tactic may not work well but even if you fail, you can learn something out of it. Try to have a few points of measurement for every marketing tactic and take the time to analyze those measurements with an eye toward improving.

* Make a proper marketing strategy

You must know what you are trying to accomplish to make your marketing measurements effective. So, develop a proper marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should help you make choices about how, when, and where to market.

* Make sure your plan includes content marketing

According to a recent survey by a consulting firm Smart insights, content marketing is the biggest incremental uplift in leads and sales in 2017. Content marketing may be one of the best or even the best long-term marketing tactic when it comes to acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers. So make sure that your 2017 e-commerce marketing plan includes content marketing.

* Make use of videos

Videos have a great impact on the viewers and it mainly enables the customers to make their buying decision. As you plan your content marketing for 2017, include videos and publish those videos on YouTube and other video sites. 

* Ensure your website is highly functional 

A functional e-commerce website that meets the expectations of customers is important part in e-commerce marketing. Your website needs to be mobile friendly, responsive, accessible, and high performing as these expectations are pretty high in 2017. A majority of site visitors will be using a mobile device, so mobile optimization is essential. You will need to ensure your site is accessible to handicapped consumers and no shopper is going to wait long for your site to load. So ensure that website has all the above mentioned factors.

* Spend time in building your email list

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to drive e-commerce sales. There are very few marketing activities that work as well or as quickly as email. It is one of the best marketing investments as you can expect good return on investment. So, spend time building your email list. You can also run online contents as when people enter they may subscribe to email marketing messages.

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