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Ecommerce content marketing trends for 2016

Update On :25-April-2016

Ecommerce content marketing trends for 2016

With the changing ecommerce marketing trends, content marketing has a great role to play in 2016. Even the small e-retailers have started concentrating on content creation knowing its importance. There is limitless opportunities for content marketing in ecommerce. Hence, it is important for the ecommerce marketers to know the latest trends in content marketing and move ahead in the field.

E-commerce content marketing trends that will be on hot in 2016 are change in organizational structure giving more preference to content marketing, machine generated content, video content, small and mid-sized online retailers will depend more on content and concern over content saturation. Moreover content will have long stand in marketing.

Change in organization structure means that content creation and marketing might be separated from other marketing techniques by the ecommerce players/companies. They may outsource and make use of agency or third parties to make content for their business. As content marketing requires greater skill, there is also a possibility of keeping it at their end and outsource other marketing activities.

Machine generated contents will be used to create product description instead of human written content in order to save the time spent on the same. Product source data and an algorithm are used to quickly generate this kind of contents. In simple terms it means automation of content creation.

Preference of online shoppers on watching videos before making the buying decision has made video content a trend now. Many online retailers have started investing in video content marketing. But we can't assure that everyone prefer to watch video before purchasing a product.

When content marketing is considered as a prime factor by a business then it shows that they are more focused.  Small and mid-sized ecommerce marketers are using content to give step by step instruction about the website and products.

But still many of online retailers have a concern on content saturation as they feel that with availability of more contents whether the users will be ready to read. No need to worry about it, keep going as content is always a king in marketing.

Remember quality content will surely increase the customer engagement. Give heed to the new trends in ecommerce marketing and keep on updating yourself to succeed in your ecommerce business.

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