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E-Commerce Sales Promotions for Converting Holiday Shoppers

Update On :08-December-2016

E-Commerce Sales Promotions for Converting Holiday Shoppers

With the holiday shopping season still very much in swing, it’s a great time to take a look at a few examples of high converting sales promotions from established e-commerce businesses. I’ve put together a list of different types of e-commerce promotions that you can use to drive more sales during the remainder of the holiday season!

Holiday Themed Email Pop Ups

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to promotions during the holiday season is that you have to run a lot of different promotions, offer huge discounts, and constantly change your promotional messaging.

Because of this, many e-commerce businesses avoid holiday promotions all together and miss out on the year’s largest opportunity for sales. Don’t want to go crazy with promotions? Engage your visitors with a holiday themed email pop up. This allows you to capitalize on increased traffic and increase email capture. This also shows that you keep your website up to date and that you’re in business for the holidays. Shoppers are going to respond positively with holiday branding and design. It’s a trust thing.

Flash Sales

‘Tis the season of flash sales! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are widespread flash sales but don’t restrict yourself to just those dates. Host your own flash sale for your own purpose. Whether it’s to create urgency to purchase, boost sales during a period of time, move excess inventory, or all of the above, this can be a powerful tactic for your business.

Notification Bar

Global site messaging is always important. It’s the perfect way to showcase deals, upcoming sales, and also provide a CTA to direct traffic to key pages. During the holidays, a notification bar can be a very useful tool to display important holiday shopping information. They are also very easy to make changes to as your offerings change throughout the holiday shopping season.

Call-to-Action Pop Ups

Call-to-action pop ups are ideal for directly engaging shoppers and providing them with that next step in their visit. During busy shopping times and holiday sales, you want to direct shoppers to your key pages of your website. To do this, place a strong and appealing call-to-action (CTA) pop up in front of them and tell them where to go.

Countdown Timer Pop Ups

Countdown timers are a proven method for creating urgency and can easily be added to any pop up on your website. Here are several upcoming dates that you may consider using a countdown timer pop up on your site:

December 12 – Green Monday
December 14 – Stamp and Ship Day
December 18 – Free Shipping Day
December 23 – Festivus, Gift Card Day
December 25 – Christmas
December 26 – Boxing Day, Coupon Code Day

Holiday Special Notification

As the holiday shopping season nears its end, your focus will turn to driving last minute sales.

Shipping Info Notification

Last minute shoppers are only going to purchase from you if you’re able to fulfill and deliver by the desired date. Shoppers are presented with this pop up that contains shipping info as well as free shipping thresholds.

Add These Promotions to your Site

Hopefully these holiday promotion examples get the ideas flowing for your holiday promotional strategy. Feel free to take any of these tactics and implement them on your own store.

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