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Beacon Technology in Ecommerce

Update On :19-March-2016

Beacon Technology in Ecommerce

One of the interesting E-commerce trends for 2016 is the Beacon technology.

Are you aware of Beacon technology? 

Before knowing about the benefits of Beacon technology in Ecommerce, it essential know what does Beacon mean? And how it is used?

Beacon is a device that gets information from the mobile devices and provides alerts to the same by enabling more accurate location within a narrow range. It can be termed as Bluetooth wireless transmitters that are used to detect mobile devices in the surroundings. 

Using Beacon technology will enable the retailers to send various alerts, offers, real time and relevant messages to customers. These are used in physical stores to send greetings, alerts and deals to the customers enter their store and to keep track of customers purchase journey. It connects physical platform to online.

Beacon technology increases customer loyalty, strengthen brand value, improve revenue, encourage cross sales, convince customers to buy products, improves customer service ratings, conduct real-time product marketing, improves efficiency in reordering items, reduces the total cost of ownership and ensures business continuity.

In Ecommerce sites, Beacon is a tracking and analysis tool that is used to monitor and track the purchase journey of the customers. Push notifications that ecommerce platforms provide to the customers will help in increasing sales of the store owners. It gives an excellent in-store experience to the customers and bridges the gap between online shopping and the information your e-commerce sites have collected about you.

The products preferred by the customers can be directly displayed on their mobile. Giving special offers to gain loyalty points will also encourage customers to purchase the products at your online store.  This is a great way to engage shoppers at appropriate time according to their preference. Hope, Beacon technology will be a best ecommerce trends used in 2016.

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