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5 Proven Techniques to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Store

Update On :27-March-2017

5 Proven Techniques to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Store

Traffic! It is that one single word that provides your e-commerce store with a meaning. Your store is fail if you have almost no traffic. It is this traffic that you need the most in order to keep selling. People need to visit your site on daily basis and you need to convert those visitors into sales. User interface and customer relationship management are the secondary things, the foremost important thing you need to fix is traffic. 

Marketing is the art of reaching out to people and letting them know about your product or services. You can always pay professional marketing agencies and acquire the required fame on Internet. 

Here we bring to you little secrets of generating traffic for your e-commerce store; we will be dealing with techniques in brief here, read carefully and implement them on your store today: 

Send Free Samples to Instagram Influencers :  With over 100 million users, Instagram is the next big thing. A smart entrepreneur will take this opportunity and acquire fringe benefits out of it. You need not to run paid ads for years and years to come. Keep sending free samples of people who are popular on Instagram and request them to share the post. This way you will be able to thousands of actual people who are interested in that specific product. 

Do not forget the Bloggers :  Bloggers are the best option to market with. These are hardworking people and they have always been following the ethical code—because Google Penalty is real bad—hence you can reach out to their audience base and acquire some traffic for your site. You need not to provide them with sample; guest or paid posts can also be of great help. 

Friends and Family :  Friends and family are your best PR agents; never ever underestimate the power of friends and family. If you are lucky enough to have a blogger or a celebrity friend then you can enjoy added benefits of free publicity for your online store. 

Engage on Twitter :  There’s no better place than Twitter to know the problems of your customer. 140-character limit helps you understand the problem in brief and also saves from embarrassment. Run a lot of contest and ensure that you are using your contacts really well. Market your posts, publish blogs and redirect twitter traffic to the same and generate sales. 

Educate Audience :  There are going to be times when your product or service is future oriented. You will have to first educate the audience, make them learn how your product can simplify their life for better. Once they understand the benefits they are going to buy the product and then word of mouth will help you reach out to the best of customers. 

Entrepreneurship is all about solving problems in the most innovative way. You will have to break a lot of stereotypes and do things a lot of people are scared of then only you will be able to enjoy facilities people only dream of.

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