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Why People still Afraid to Shop Online

Updated On:17-October-2015

In this fast moving world everything has gone online and people are quite used to these modes. When it comes to retail industry, online marketing has brought drastic change in the way the goods are sold and purchased online. Ecommerce has made things much easier and is convenient medium for shopping. But, still some people are afraid to shop online, why? What would be the reason behind?

Security concerns and lack of trust are the major reason behind people’s fear towards online purchase. People feel insecure while shopping online. They fear that their personal and other particulars will be taken without their permission and knowledge, even they doubt on the shops existence. Despite of the website contact detail and number, people don’t believe on their existence.

Many customers feel that they will not get the exact product they chose and there exist a possibility of getting damaged products. Delivery and payment issues are also some of the reason behind this fear. These are some reason why people still in this internet world afraid to shop online.

E-tailers are taking efforts and measures to attract people in many ways but due to the above said thoughts of people they fail to cover the whole crowd. Giving cent percent assurance towards their authentic and legitimate service might remove customer’s fear towards online shopping and enable them to cover wide public.


Comment by  Jeny   Updated on 28-10-2015
"People can choose their own choice of purchasing products. As there are some of security issues in online shopping customers go for offline shopping. But there are many options and benefits in online purchasing."
Comment by  Jayanthi   Updated on 28-10-2015
"Great Blog.... Clears explains why people are still afraid to shop online.. Yeah its true whether credit card information can be stolen by others."
Comment by  chandru sharma   Updated on 24-10-2015
"yes its correct...that you shared theory is well explained about how to protect our money from some of the online threats "
Comment by  tara   Updated on 24-10-2015
"People thinks using their credit card information in online is insecure. They worried about that someone will hack their card details. Great post."
Comment by  Sathya   Updated on 21-10-2015
"Even though there are many sites to shop online and attract customers. People are scared to buy online because they have fear whether the product is original, while shipping if the product gets damaged, whether the shipping company will replace the product etc."