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What types of content are most important for e-commerce?

Updated On:15-September-2016

Content plays a vital role in e-commerce to reach the target audience. E-commerce players are expected to provide relevant content to the right person at the right time for obtaining more customers. Engaging, informative and interactive content is preferred by customers. There are many types of content that are used by e-commerce business people considering it as important as the products and services.

Among which here is the list of important types of contents for E-commerce:-

* Video content
* Blog content
* Editorial content
* User generated content
* Product page content
* Static content

Video content:-

Video content has become popular nowadays among customers as it will enable them to see product in action (real time) and learn more about product. It is good to add video content in online content strategy of your business. According to recent data, video content plays an important role in the buying decision process of many people. It is capable of increasing the customer engagement.  

Blog content:-

Blog content enables you to develop brand image & identity, promote your products & services, portray your knowledge & experience in the industry and develop good relationship with target audience, customers, clients & others. You can develop engaging, informative, interactive & relevant content and share it in various social media to reach huge audience

Editorial content:-

In this competitive market, customers look for trusted sources. Editorial content enables you to gain trust from target audience and also provide added value to the customers. 

User generated content:-

Genuine feedback/testimonials from the existing customers helps you to prove the quality & service of your business as customers believe the statements of those who have purchased & used from you earlier. In simple terms, it is a social proof for your business. Encourage the customers to share their experience about the quality and their satisfaction level on your products through reviews or other things.

Product Page content:-

Product page content is important one to be considered by e-commerce websites. Make product page content easy for the customer to read and understand as it is necessary for them to make their purchasing decision. It is good to include informative content in the form of description, instructions and options to the customers for enabling them to get a clear idea about the product. Make use of appropriate keyword in the content which user will use to search for the products.

Static content:-

Static content is the necessary information about e-commerce business as it gives confidence to the customers to make purchase from you. It includes contact info, privacy policy and terms & conditions. Make this type of content visible and accessible to the customers.

Make effective use of these types of contents for your e-commerce websites as it helps you to build a better brand identity, maintain strong relationship with your customers, drive more visitors and enables you to generate more Rate of Investment (ROI).