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What is Ecommerce B2C Model ?

Updated On:10-June-2016

What is Ecommerce?
Ecommerce in general refers to the transaction of business products and services via electronic system on the internet i.e) E-Commerce.

What is B2C?
B2C is the type of a commerce transaction which refers to the direct transfer of business products and services to the consumers i.e) B2C

What is Ecommerce B2C model?
The Ecommerce B2C model is a combination of Ecommerce and B2C Business model which involves a direct business transaction of products and services to the consumers via internet. An Ecommerce B2C model involves a process of shifting of business layers responsible for intermediary functions which is called as Reintermediation.

The website or a web portal holds an essential value in a Ecommerce B2C model where the all transactions take place between a business organization and consumer directly. When comparing to B2B, B2C and Ecommerce , B2C Ecommerce is quite easy and effective.

Steps involved in a Ecommerce B2C model:-
There are various process involved in a Ecommerce B2C model.
The consumer approaches an online store
Finds a desired product
Make an option like Add to cart /Buy Now
Then, proceed with his /her desired payment system like COD, paypal, Net banking etc..
The consumer receives his/her product followed by the E-mail sent to a merchant and a warehouse.
In case of any enquiries regarding a faulty or a damaged item, a consumer can contact a support team via Chat, Call or E-mail till a he/she gets a good product.

Advantages of Ecommerce B2C Model:-
The advantages of using Ecommerce B2C Model is
Time flexibility
Reduces operational costs
Less investments and good ROI
Easy and comfort shopping
No hassles of middlemen
Global Reach

Disadvantages of Ecommerce B2C Model:-
Low conversion rates
Technical Glitches
High risks
More competition
Security threats