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Visual commerce

Updated On:02-March-2016

Visual commerce in its simple term means showcasing realistic photos and videos of products in ecommerce sites. Visual methods have become a trend and product images play a vital role in E-commerce. Photos shared by customers are visual endorsements of your products. This has made visual commerce a powerful marketing tool through which you can increase sales and engagement of customers.

Photos of customers are the most reliable, forceful and rich brand assets for your products. Give preference for user generated photos of your products as they enable the shopper to see your product from other customers. For that you can include user generated pictures in product reviews as it speaks more than the product description. Ask customers to add photos and videos while they make use of the product so that it will make the shoppers to visualize the usage of the product.

Shoppers will be satisfied when they see another customer with the product that they like to buy. Another thing in visual commerce is that image based search done by customers for buying a particular product. In this, shoppers can provide the image of a product and check for relevant product in the ecommerce site. Some sites allow real time product selection in which customers can select color they prefer and get the desired product. This will give customers a wonderful shopping experience.

Ecommerce sites have to create visual content with proper text, images and videos with effective content marketers, creative people and technologists. Make use of interactive video technology for promoting their product in a better way. Include visual media in every step of purchase that the customer moves on. The future of ecommerce will depend on the visual search and image recognition technologies. So, get adapted to it and follow the same to succeed in your business.