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Trends in E- Commerce

Updated On:31-March-2015

The average annual spending of Indians on online purchases is expected to rise and its future prediction are unimaginable. E- Commerce industry has all the potentials that give prosperous both to its investors and companies. It is a platform where the buying and selling of products are done through electronic mode and all the transactions are made electronically without any time barrier.
When it comes to purchasing products online, customers have more choices than ever. This incredible collection has made the industry to reach its high peak. Customers today are more concerned about the mode of purchasing i.e to whom they buy the product and the experience they have while making an online purchase. The companies who can make their customer satisfy in all aspect can distinguish them from other players in the Industry.
The ideas and strategies followed by the company with respect to e-commerce will have great impact on its prosperity. To have stability and growth in this sector, companies can use their data, which serves as a basis for making appropriate decision. If the company maintains good record of its customer then it can have good customer loyalty. Today many online shoppers prefer to know the feedback of existing shoppers to make their purchase on the site. So it should create a pleasant shopping experience to its customer.
In todays e-commerce world, companies prefer to have subscription based service by replacing the traditional method. As it offers great reoccurring revenue as well as customer flexibility and also allow business to develop more personal relationships with their customer. To promote e-commerce, give support to all devices as people are turning to their phones and tablets to research products and make their purchases. It is essential for e-commerce stores to have either mobile version or a website with responsive design. Ensure transparency in the process so that the online shoppers can do their purchase with utmost trust.


Comment by  Madhavi   Updated on 23-09-2015
"Nowadays people prefer to do shopping online for its convenience and huge collections..."
Comment by  Merryl   Updated on 12-09-2015
"As ecommerce is a booming industry it is essential for us to know about the recent trends of ecommerce. Businesses in different fields have stepped into to it knowing its value and growth."
Comment by  chandru sharma   Updated on 10-08-2015
"Now a days E-commerce trends is growing fast...and some of the E-commerce companies way to go app only...its more convenient at any time... "
Comment by  Avanthika   Updated on 25-07-2015
"Ecommerce trends are changing day by day. And it is true that mobile version is important for ecommerce stores as everyone likes to shop at anytime and anywhere."