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The History of Ecommerce

Updated On:16-March-2016

The internet had changed the way of human lives. The Ecommerce holds an undisputed key over the trends of Internet.
Can you imagine a person booking online tickets when there is no internet? Did anyone afford to go online for selling and buying? The question goes with a gong. But now the trends have been changed.
The IoT of things especially Ecommerce in real time is phenomenal. Have you ever thinked of the Evolution of Ecommerce? Let’s get on to the blog.
What is Ecommerce?
Ecommerce is type of a business model which involves purchasing and selling of goods and services via internet.
The Evolution of Ecommerce:-
The Evolution of Ecommerce is fascinating. In the very beginning, Ecommerce means the process of execution of commercial transactions using EDI- Electronic Data Interchange and EFT- Electronic Funds Transfer. These techniques came in to existence in late 1970s.
This was the beginning of the organizations to send commercial documentation electronically. The greatest evolution came out in 1982 with the discovery of TCP/IP-Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol, the switched technology that powers the modern Internet.
In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee proposed a hypertext-based web of information interface called as a browser. He called it ”WorldWideWeb”(WWW).
In 1991, the National Science Foundation lifted a ban on commercial businesses operating over the Internet, paving the way for Web-based e-commerce. In 1993, Marc Andreesen introduced the first widely distributed Web browser called “Mosaic”. In 1994 and 1995, the first third-party services for processing online credit card sales began to appear. First Virtual and CyberCash were two of the most popular online credit card sales agents.
The online buying and selling started slowly and it reaches the public with the name called as “E-Commerce”.
Booming Ecommerce:-
Nowadays, the Ecommerce business trends are in a boom. This is due to the higher end technologies, safer payment gateway system etc…There are increased mobile users who uses to buy and sell online which is one of the major facts for the Ecommerce growth.
There are many ecommerce platforms which made online buying and selling as easy as it is. The users experience an user friendliness comparing with the retail business. The Ecommerce mobile apps in Android and iOS platforms make the business much compatible and the business is made handy in Ecommerce.