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The Ecommerce Giant

Updated On:13-August-2015

We are leading the life in the digital world where things are changing rapidly. Today people are much exposed to internet and have good surfing knowledge which has led to increase in the number of online users. Majority of people seek ecommerce for all their requirements like buying home accessories, apparels, books, banking and business transaction, ticket bookings and also for recreations.

Ecommerce give much option like easy payment, product delivery, 24/7 support, wide choice, cost effective and saves much of your time, cost and effort. With the arrival of mobile devices and app further enhanced sale and brought market much closer. All these comforts have made ecommerce a prospering sector and gain customer loyalty.

Among the crowd of entailers functioning in India Ecbilla an ecommerce giant is well known for their online store creation and other online services. The platform is developed with the motive to uplift the e-commerce business and enable the services on door steps. Customers can create their own online store in few minutes where you can exhibit your products 24*7 online for the view of global audience and can easily do transactions by finding and guiding the orders online.

The ecommerce portal offers unique features which makes it to stand distinct among the other e-tail businesses. It offers numerous features like product posting, product reviews, responsive templates, custom domain, SEO support, CMS control panel, order management, E- receipts and invoices, backup and restore tools, live chat package and android app to customers. These features vary according to the plan they opted for such as starter pack, basic, professional and enterprise.

Avail latest update on e-commerce and get friendly assistance to all your queries and doubts. So get your stores presence online as there is no time barrier for selling and buying products and give you global exposure.


Comment by  Jeny   Updated on 30-09-2015
"Getting online presence is important to develop business as well to reach customers. Nowadays people are available online 24/7 which enables to buy them after thorough product inquiry."
Comment by  Madhuranjani   Updated on 26-09-2015
"Every Entrepreneur should make use of the Ecommerce Portals to expose their business world wide."
Comment by  jackmarco   Updated on 29-08-2015
"well explained about the Ecommerce. Clearly said and the ecommerce industry have way to go and it will reach the destiny."
Comment by  jack   Updated on 22-08-2015
"I have seen the features of Ecbilla and it looks very interesting with its CMS templates, beautiful store fronts, elegant designs etc...."
Comment by  chandru sharma   Updated on 17-08-2015
"It is nice and also easy to understood about E commerce business through this article..."
Comment by  Merryl   Updated on 17-08-2015
"Features offered by Ecbilla are amazing. Hope this will be a great platform for ecommerce business owners to expose their business."