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Shipping Methods for E-commerce

Updated On:21-June-2016

E-commerce industry has seen a massive growth with the increase of internet users and online customers. Online shoppers expect fast and reliable delivery of the products that they have ordered online. In 2016, for making this possible include more shipping options, make it transparent to the online shoppers and provide them cheaper shipping options. Customers abandon their shopping cart when they find shipping costs too high, when they did not find the carrier preferable and similar conditions that are not convenient for them.

Basically shipping options are standard and expedited delivery. As the online shoppers prefer weekend, after business hours and same day or overnight shipping options, many ecommerce platforms are trying to make out with some. A recent report says that many customers are ready to pay extra amount for convenient shipping options. Customers expect more transparency so the ecommerce stores have be transparent by exposing the exact shipping charges without surprising the customer at end point and mention the appropriate delivery time.

Some of shipping options ecommerce store owners need to know apart form these are free-shipping (this can be made applicable to certain region or similar to that), on-demand delivery services where products are delivered from delivery center to customer’s door steps, drone delivery, flat rate shipping is based on the size of box used for packaging, table rate shipping (price or weight or zone based shipping), per product shipping, conditional shipping (limiting shipping for certain zones), ship to multiple addresses, local pick up, shipping estimator and shipping carrier selector.

Ecommerce stores can have their own shipping (recommended only for small volume business) and they can outsource third party shipping specialists in other cases. In case of shipping, delivering on time or before that as promised to the customers is a good rule. Faster shipping and reaching the products to the customers as earlier as possible will enable you to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction respectively. Reducing the waiting time of the online shoppers is the key to success of ecommerce business.

Ecommerce store owners can choose the shipping options that well suits their business and satisfy customers to the fullest.