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Omni Channel Retailing

Updated On:16-September-2015

Using different ways in the shopping experience of customers is called as Omni Channel Retailing. It can also be termed as “multichannel retailing” which include both online and offline marketing. In simple terms it means reaching a business or product through different channels to the customers. This kind of retailing is done via physical store, direct marketing, telephone, online store, mobile and mobile apps.

In general, a retail business should include procures of order picking, customer service, delivery and return. The customer should be enabled with the various modes to purchase a product. The customer will retain their business only after they get satisfied with the pre-sale and after-sale services. There are varieties of channels used by the business persons to ensure the comfortablity of customers.

Giving customers a wonderful shopping experience is the main motive behind the omni channel retailing. Physical store is essential for an online store as it will enable the customer with a delivery and return alternative. Interaction between the retailers and customers is needed in any type of business. When retailers do business via offline and online they will gain a good market share.

In the current business trends, Omni channel retailing is one of the best tactics of business means which enable the good relationship between the customer and client. The process of multi channel retailing can be effectively used by the whole sale suppliers, importers, exporters etc.,, to ensure the estimated delivery of a product. Thus, “Omni channel retailing” is a real gift to the customers and the clients of a business.


Comment by  Shalini   Updated on 14-10-2015
"Today people look for alternative ways to make their purchase. Great points shared and interesting post."
Comment by  Radha   Updated on 19-09-2015
"Option is needed everywhere, at the same time if number of ways are available one can be selected from that. In that way Omni-Channel Retailing is evidence of customer satisfaction and relationship."
Comment by  Shiny   Updated on 19-09-2015
"Online and offline channel have to be integrated for the growth of retail industry. Multichannel retailing has a great scope now."