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Mobile eCommerce Statistics 2016

Updated On:30-July-2016

Commercial transactions conducted electronically by mobile phone in the global e-commerce markets is increasing day by day with rise in the number of mobile users. Mobile devices which have become part and parcel in our lives has also worked its way into our purchasing habits. The mobile market has proven its importance over the years and it will continue that way.

In this situation, it is important for e-commerce businesses to know about mcommerce or mobile commerce statistics and its importance. User-friendly interfaces, easy checkouts and fresh apps are the way to go. Nil Erden, Marketing Executive at Prisync has brought the latest data regarding to mobile commerce statistics 2016.

*Globally speaking, in the first quarter of 2016 smartphones have an average value of $81.27 per user and tablet users were around 98.07 whereas traditional sales were 118.59 which is lower when mobile devices are combined against it.

*Around the beginning of 2014, the global mobile device usage passed the desktop usage.

*51% of the internet usage in US was through mobile devices. Desktop and laptops had the second place which was 42%.

*Mobile also has the 2nd place in screen time in US right after TV and before desktop and laptops.

This shows that mobile experience has far greater importance than before. If your e-commerce business has not entered in the mobile commerce space you should start working on that right now. People are utilizing their mobile devices to purchase online, check out their messages and checkout what is creating buzz anytime and anywhere. This provides the opportunity to catch them anytime and anywhere.

*At the end of 2016, 136.3 million mobile users in US are expected shop through their mobile devices.

*Desktop website visits are still high which shows that responsive web design should be chosen over mobile-first web design.

*Smartphone and tablet usage in terms of conversions are lower than desktop purchases however they are still on the rise.

*The mobile media time spent on mobile apps is 89% whereas time spent on media through mobile web is 11%.

*90% of mobile time is spent on mobile apps.

*The mobile ad spending will increase tremendously in the following years.

*When web was introduced the adoption of it between 90s and 2000 was nowhere near the adoption rates of mobile adoption of today. People are easily integrating mobile devices into their life and use them actively.

You can improve your e-commmerce business strategy by being aware of the m-commerce market and having great prices.

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